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Ukwezi Farming Organization

Pig farming in COOPEBUGA – the Cooperative Ukwezi Gatore

The COOPEBUGA is a French acronym: Coopérative d’Elevage du Porc Ukwezi de Gatore. Operating on a small land of 3ares,…

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Pig farming in the Cooperative Ukwezi Mukarange

The cooperative is located in Kayonza district, Mukarange sector, Kayonza cell and Gatebe village. The cooperative is extended on a small land of 6.75 ares,…

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Pig farming in the cooperative COOPUKWENYA

COOPUKWENYA is a French acronym standing for Cooperative Ukwezi de Nyagatare and it is located in Nyagatare district, Karama sector,…

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