Ukwezi Farming Organization
Pig farming in the Cooperative Ukwezi Mukarange Pig farming in the Cooperative Ukwezi Mukarange

Pig farming in the Cooperative Ukwezi Mukarange

The cooperative is located in Kayonza district, Mukarange sector, Kayonza cell and Gatebe village. The cooperative is extended on a small land of 6.75 ares, raises 21 pigs including 6 adults and 15 piglets. The piggery farm has 14 pens arranged on two rows and separated by woody sticks and each of them is equipped inside with a concrete feeding trough. In the farm, a long alley from the pens leads to a large dam used for storage of water. The farm has an accessory house for storage of feeds and used by the stockman who cares for pigs. The water used is from a channel surrounding the rice plantation and located at 300 m from the piggery farm. For the reproduction of females, a boar of large white breed is used. The feedstuffs used for feeding pigs comprise leftover from restaurants, rice bran and cotton cakes.

In regard to the management of the cooperative, meetings of members are organized once per week for assessing the needs for feedstuffs and medicines in case of disease. For the surveillance of pigs, one cooperative member is fulltime employed for day and night. The activities of cooperative members consist of growing crops to cover pig feed requirements; 90% being active pig cooperative members as well as for other types of cooperatives. The expected intervention actions for the farm will consist of expanding the land by purchase or rent, by searching for feedstuffs such as rice bran, soybean meal and maize bran.


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