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Pig farming in COOPEBUGA – the Cooperative Ukwezi Gatore

The COOPEBUGA is a French acronym: Coopérative d’Elevage du Porc Ukwezi de Gatore. Operating on a small land of 3ares, the cooperative is located in Kirehe district, Gatore sector and comprises 13 farmers. The cooperative has the objective of contributing to the development of rural areas using funds received from Ukwezi Farming Organization to buy in the first start a piggery of 12 animals. The cooperative has a piggery farm with 19 pens arranged on two rows with dimensions of 8 m of width by 12.75 m of length.

In order to cope with the lack of feeds, farmers use to distribute grasses (taro leaves), rice bran from Kirehe rice plant, maize bran from surrounding milling machines, sweet potatoes leaves and vines. The drinking water for pigs is supplied from the marshland because the water from the tape situated at 300 m from the piggery farm is sold expensive. The sex ratio of males to females adopted by farmers is 1 to 10. The strategies observed by farmers to develop the pig farming include:

  • The willingness to work in teams;
  • The extension of the farmland and piggery as well as the respect of hygiene for pigs andbuilding;
  • The relay on-farm produced feedstuffs instead of purchased feeds;
  • The request of a technical assistance from veterinary services of the District and the Ministry ofAgriculture and Animal Resources;
  • The training of cooperatives’ members;
  • The searching of clean water for drinking and for hygienic purpose;
  • The searching for land either to buy (4,000,000 Rwf/ha) or to rent (500,000Rwf/ha/year);
  • And finally, the acceptance of new members to join the cooperative.


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