Ukwezi Farming Organization

Ukwezi Farming Organization’’UFO” Profile

UFO is a Rwandan NGO registered with the Rwanda Governance Board from November 2015. UFO’s mission is to reduce hunger and poverty, and improve human nutrition in vulnerable communities targeting women and children in Rwanda. UFO’s objective is to achieve effective and sustainable agricultural production, increase level of income and improve better feeding to poor and vulnerable persons. UFO aims at identifying known challenges in the Community, disseminating findings from studies and in collaboration with supported cooperative members, propose solutions and implement adopted strategies in order to improve the welfare of the population.

Our Mission

To reduce hunger and poverty, and improve human nutrition in Rwanda through research aimed at increasing the eco-efficiency of agriculture.

Our Vision

UFO develops technologies, methods, and knowledge that better enable farmers, mainly smallholders, to enhance eco-efficiency in agriculture. This means we make production more competitive and profitable as well as sustainable and resilient through economically and ecologically sound use of natural resources and purchased inputs.

Our Values

Shared organizational ethic

We respect each other, our partners, and the people who benefit from our work. We act with honesty, integrity, transparency, and environmental responsibility
in all of our joint endeavors.

Learning through partnerships

We work efficiently and pragmatically together and with partners. Considering our diversity to be a key asset, we adapt readily to change and strive
to improve our performance through continuous learning.

Innovation for impact

We develop innovative solutions to important challenges in tropical agriculture, resulting in major benefits for the people who support, participate in,
and profit from our work.

Our Objectives

Greater Sustainability

Agriculture will become more intensive, competitive, environmentally friendly,
and better adapted to climate change.

More Income

Small farmers will have more income, strengthen their capacities, and improve their participation in the processes that take their products from the field to the market.

Better food

Farmers will produce larger quantities of staple foods of higher nutritional quality, enabling low-income rural and urban populations
to eat more and better food.

Gender equity

Gender equity is a cross-cutting theme, important for our project. Indeed, women play a central role in agriculture – they represent 60% of our Cooperative society members – but research has shown that female farmers tend to be more vulnerable and less productive than their male counterparts due to unequal social relations. Mainstreaming gender equity is therefore vital for UFO to achieve its development objectives.

Gender, learning and impact

Given both women’s existing levels of participation in livestock and the constraints under which they participate, understanding and responding appropriately to the social and economic contexts within which women engage in livestock production, processing and/or sales are central to achieving the program’s goals of poverty reduction and food and nutrition security.

Our projects

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Pig farming in the Cooperative Ukwezi Mukarange

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